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Vocality A Cappella Entertainment : Audition Information


Colorado's Best Vocal Artists

Vocality A Cappella Entertainment is auditioning for singers / voice artists for immediate and upcoming positions.

Needed: all voice parts, including vocal percussion.  Particular needs: powerhouse high tenors capable of singing great solos and blending on background parts; bass singers who can sing modern pop/rock basslines beyond the typical 'doot-doo/dm-dm' a cappella bass tradition; vocal percussionists/beatboxers with great time and powerful rock sounds (on microphone).

Seeking the best vocal talent in any and all musical styles, training and technique.

Vocality A Cappella Entertainment represents, manages, and books gigs for a variety of a cappella acts ranging from classical to rock to comedy. Vocality is always looking for the best vocal talent to add to their roster.

Singers currently needed for multiple ensembles including pop/rock cover group, carolers, comedy, jazz, choral, and avant garde.  New projects are constantly being developed, as well as commercial clients hiring for custom events, creating a need for an ever-renewing roster of talent.

for details on some of Vocality's current gigging projects, please visit

Requirements/expectations for all groups (if you are not capable of this at a minimum then this is not the audition for you):

-Able to learn music on your own outside of rehearsal (sheet music and rehearsal tracks will be provided)

-Extensive music experience, contemporary a cappella experience not mandatory but advantageous

-A professional work ethic and demeanor

-All rehearsals and performances are off the grid (no cell phones, texts, etc) and fragrance/allergen-free (that includes all perfumes, smoke smells, animal dander, etc)

-And of course you are a brilliant musician and performer.

next audition:

Tuesday July 17th 7-10 pm
Mojo's Music Academy 
1350 Ken Pratt Boulevard, Longmont, CO 80501
(band practice space: West side of the building)

-Please bring resume, headshot, and any other useful information.  Please include an as-accurate-as-possible schedule of availability for rehearsals, gigs, etc.  Also include your home and work locations and preferred rehearsal locations.

-Please prepare 2 songs that demonstrate your solo voice (one up-tempo and one ballad) *all songs to be presented a cappella

-Please be prepared to demonstrate any and all significant vocal skills: variety of stylistic skills, extended techniques, beatboxing, special effects, etc.  IMPRESS US.

-Please be prepared to learn several vocal selections and perform them in small groups, on and off-microphone

-Please arrange to be at the auditions for the full 3 hours

-NOTE: These auditions are happening in Longmont, but rehearsals cold potentially be anywhere along the Front Range, depending on the group, the upcoming gig, schedules, and other factors.  Please note on your schedule preferred rehearsal locations.  Gig locations vary (local to national).

-Please RSVP and send questions to tim@vocalitysingers.com

-Please share this information with any vocal artists you think might be interested.