Mister Tim
the Funky Introvert
release: Feb 15, 2014

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about the Funky Introvert "Singles":

the full album of Mister Tim: the Funky Introvert is intended to be listened to in order, as an album. There are transitions, overlaps, and easter eggs that accentuate the progressive narrative story and tie the album together.

For listeners who will listen to tracks in isolation, in randomized playlists, or who only want a limited number of the songs, the sudden beginnings/ends of songs won't make sense. For these people, Mister Tim released the songs as 'singles' at the same time as the full album.

The "singles" are also formatted for radio and other media presentation.

Some of the tracks differ from the album versions:

"Are You Satisfied?" pts. 1 and 2 are combined for the single. A short transitional section links the tracks.

"Momma, Poppa" single version has a short introduction that is missing from the album version

"Monument" single version omits the ending backwards verse ("the secret")

"There Must Be Something More To This" single version is shorter, omitting some backtracked words in a short interlude in the middle of the song

"Intermission / Introduction" is not available as a single

"Fine, Fine Line" single version is shorter, omitting the short "circus" section after the bridge and the longer "circus" section at the end of the song, plus the drum beat transition into "Outdated"

"Outdated" single version is significantly shorter than the album version, ending before the choral bridge

"Tango" single version is slightly shorter than the album version, omitting the first chorus; ending is also slightly different

"Stick Around" single version omits a few seconds of lead-in from the beginning of the album track