Rock, pop, funk, jazz, choral, classical… Mister Tim is a singer and composer whose decade of professional vocal work has developed into a singular musical experience: 

Vocal Magic.

Pulling from elements of his work as a touring singer, musical theater actor, songwriter, beatboxer (vocal percussionist), teacher and contemporary a cappella voice artist, Mister Tim has created a stunning and moving theatrical music experience. Mister Tim : Vocal Magic is an exploration of the human voice: “live-looping,” or electronically layering sounds, Mister Tim builds full songs with just his one voice, adding drums, instruments, melodies and harmonies, weaving sonic stories with thoughtfully-written original songs and creatively twisted covers. Sublime to humorous, with a healthy dose of audience-fueled improvisation.

Length: 80 minutes

“Mister Tim : Vocal Magic” reviews and reactions:

“Vocal Magic is a multifaceted one man show that hinges on Mister Tim’s prodigious vocal textures, far-reaching vocal range, and his ability to work three sound effect pedals that enable to sing with himself and mix his voice in real time–a process calledlive looping. Part stand-up comedy, part poetry slam, and part performance art, Vocal Magic was like nothing I had ever seen before. If T.S. Eliot could have sang and Allan Ginsberg had known how to beatbox and been stuck in one body, they could have been reincarnated as Mister Tim. Vocal Magic was like nothing I’d ever seen but it was definitely something I wished to see again.” –Laura Craner,

“Seen the show twice, and I’m excited to see it again. In fact, if Mister Tim were the Grateful Dead, I’d be wearing tie-dye and selling my car to buy a VW Van so I could follow him all over the country. This show really IS magic. I end up smiling the whole time, wondering what will come next. The mix of improv and rehearsed music is exciting (and last show, reviewers couldn’t tell the difference between the two–thought it was all rehearsed). It’s moody, melancholy, odd, beautiful, and compelling. Grabs you, pops you in, chews you up, spits you back out, and you’ve never been so glad to be a show’s lunch.” -Andrew

“Highly recommended. Tim’s work is intriguing, inspiring, and fascinating, in all the best ways.” -Dave

“Having just seen Mister Tim work his Magic… well, suffice to say, if you don’t want to be floored, amazed, impressed, and inspired, then stay away.” -Chad

“This is an incredible show. I was floored (and I’ve seen him looping before). Second time was just as good as the first. It’s REALLY amazing.” -Rebecca

“Went to see Mister Tim in his one man show last night. That is one amazingly talented dude.” -Bob

“Great show tonight Mister Tim. You are one extremely talented dude.” -Joe

“AWESOME show. We absolutely loved it!” -Teresa

“It was amazing, and you deserve hearty congrats for a great show!” -Deondra and Kevin

“Top show tonight Tim. It was INCREDIBLE.” -Tera

“You killed it tonight, my friend! Congratulations on your beautiful mind.” -Bryan

“Awesome show! You are a true entertainer.” -Nathan

“Couldn’t help but smile, tap our toes and fingers, laugh and enjoy the entire thing! Very moving and very excellent.” -Christine