“Highly recommended. Tim’s work is intriguing, inspiring, and fascinating, in all the best ways.”

-Dave Brown, host of "Mouth Off" podcast

With classical training both as a vocalist and a choral conductor, Mister Tim is an accomplished pop, rock, classical, and choral vocalist, arranger, composer, music director, sound engineer, performance coach, video producer, and more. He is a dynamic performer as a solo live looper and jazz crooner or with one of his many varied bands and projects.

"Napolean Dynamite crossed with Lin Manuel Miranda"

-Erin Hackel, director of Commercial Voice, University of Colorado-Denver

“If Mister Tim were the Grateful Dead, I’d be wearing tie-dye and selling my car to buy a VW Van so I could follow him all over the country. This show really IS magic. I end up smiling the whole time, wondering what will come next. The mix of improv and rehearsed music is exciting (and last show, reviewers couldn’t tell the difference between the two–thought it was all rehearsed). It’s moody, melancholy, odd, beautiful, and compelling. Grabs you, pops you in, chews you up, spits you back out, and you’ve never been so glad to be a show’s lunch.” -Andrew