School Program Options

Class Work workshops, residencies, master classes, festival and competition prep, voice lessons, group voice and performance coaching, beatboxing...

Entertainment rewards assemblies, festivals and fundraisers, your choir sings with Mister Tim, graduation parties, faculty parties, and more!

Technology sound systems and technology for contemporary a cappella and choirs, microphone performance technique, multi-media classes (video, photo, design, journalism...)

Mister Tim is a performer, vocalist, composer, and artistic director who delights in teaching and coaching students of all shapes and sizes. Specializing in contemporary choral and vocal music, he also has extensive experience producing and teaching instrumental music, video and photography, theater arts, marketing, and applied visual arts. He uses his decades of professional and educational experience, combined with a keen pedagogical wit, to inspire artists of all ages and open their minds to unseen possibilities and their own potential.

"My students have mentioned how much more fun your music is to sing - you give every part something fun to sing."

Debbie Kincaid, North Union HS

Richwood, OH

Mister Tim offers several school program options:

Fine Arts Educational Assembly

Solid education presented in an appealing and accessible way. Assembly programs can be customized:

-age appropriate

-specific to a specific area of the arts (just vocal arts, or broad to include all visual and performing arts)

-focused on recruiting students to the music program

Cultural and Character Topics

Mister Tim presents multi-cultural music and a respectful exploration of different world views. Assemblies can also focus on anti-drug, anti-bullying, or other important topics.

Reward Assembly

Reward your students with an unforgettable Mister Tim assembly. Honor students; no-tardy parties; end-of-term celebration; and more. Interactive, educational, inspiring.


A Mister Tim concert is a great way to raise funds for your program. Mister Tim is affordable and able to provide his own sound system (small to medium-sized venues) leaving the vast majority of profits to you. There are several successful sales/fundraising models: please inquire!

Graduation Party

An interactive, life-affirming, inspiring, and flat-out fun experience that they, and you, will. Not. Forget.

Combined performance pieces:

Mister Tim + Your Choir!

An unprecedented life experience for your students as they rehearse and performed with the world-famous Mister Tim!

Mister Tim is an accomplished choral, classical, and contemporary singer and composer. He can combine with your choir to perform one or several songs, ranging from classical to comedy, covers to originals. Different pieces feature Mister Tim as soloist, students and student sections as soloists, and vocal percussion/beatboxing and electronic vocal effects (provided by Mister Tim or by students).

Contact Mister Tim for current performance songs, sheet music and rehearsal plans

"Mister Tim had the strongest impact of any clinician we’ve had!!!"

Lois Peterson, Lakewood HS

Lakewood, CO

Mister Tim is a dedicated educator and is an asset in any classroom. Here are a few of the ways Mister Tim can help you:

School Assemblies and Special Events

please see the left column on this page

Mister Tim concert with your choir or band

Mister Tim draws more audience from your community, and provides instruction and inspiration for your students while he's there

Mister Tim performs with your group

Your students on stage with Mister Tim performing a special and unforgettable musical number

(see available joint performance options below, or let your students create a new piece with Mister Tim as part of a longer residency?)


Mister Tim directs efficient, inspirational coaching sessions, group masterclasses, artistic and business consultations, and He can also be your secret weapon for competition and festival prep*.


Mister Tim is a talented and entertaining MC for your event. Plus he can perform as part of the program.


Mister Tim is an insightful judge for classical, choral, and contemporary events. He can also present workshops or coaching sessions after the judging to work on issues he saw while judging.


Mister Tim is available at an affordable rate for extended and recurring residencies. Sessions can focus on performing, vocal skills, song-writing, improvisation, instrumental skills (drums and simple pitched instruments for Elementary, current student instruments for MS/HS), music history, general music knowledge, and more.

*don't forget that Mister Tim is a trained choral conductor and educator, has taught music at every educational level, and is a PASSIONATE teacher. These programs are not just fun: Mister Tim presents sound and proven musical and performing principles in a positive, energetic way that will take your students to a new level.

"Mister Tim possesses a rare combination of uncanny talent, first-class entertainment value, and professionalism. He added a much needed touch of class to my event. Mister Tim's unique talents appeal to everyone, regardless of age or musical taste."

Stephen Ross, Skyline High School Longmont, CO

Recent work:

BYU A Cappella Club performance and workshop, Provo, UT

Beatbox / body rhythm workshop, Jarrow Montessori school, Boulder, CO

Reward assembly, Westview Middle School, Longmont, CO

Music Theater / Performance workshop, Dancespace Summer Camp, Erie, CO

Looping performance / workshop, Kuna HS, Kuna, ID

Workshop, National A Cappella Conference, Memphis, TN

Looping performance / workshop, Sunset Middle School, Longmont, CO

"Super Sub" music class guest performer / clinician, Nederland HS, Nederland, CO

Guest performer, Skyline Men's Chorus Festival, Skyline High School, Longmont, CO

Arrangements and rehearsal tracks for North Union High School, Richwood, OH: "Phineas & Ferb" theme song novelty a cappella; Muse "Uprising" rock a cappella

A Cappella Festival, Manzano High School, Albuquerque, NM (workshops, performance)

Arrangement and rehearsal tracks for North Union High School, Richwood, OH: ABBA "Thank You for the Music" pop a cappella

Looping workshop, MTL A cappella Festival

Coaching, teaching, and masterclasses at the 2014 Mile High Vocal Jam. Mister Tim-coached Denver School of the Arts Vocal Jazz Ensemble wins the High School competition! Workshop: Stage Level: Beast Mode. Masterclasses with UCD Lark (College Competition runners-up) and CSU Bassic.

Presentation, coaching, showcase performance at Five Towns College (Long Island, NY).

Week-long residency with Lexington Catholic High School (Lexington, KY)'s Literature class (marketing and commercial rhetoric), Music Theater class (collaborative creation and performance of expressive slam poetry pieces), and a cappella groups (festival rehearsal and preparation).

Headline performer, MC, and special session teacher at Voices in Harmony a cappella festival (Lexington Catholic High School, Lexington, KY)

Artist-in-Residence, Denver School of the Arts (Denver, CO), contemporary vocal work with DSA Vocal Jazz Ensemble, preparation for Colorado Music Educator's Association showcase performance

Music video classes, Denver School of Science and Technology (Denver, CO)

A Cappella elective classes, Denver School of Science and Technology (Denver, CO)

(720) 365-3080 ** ** 1138 Hover St Longmont, CO 80501