"Amazing!!! is there any way we can get Mister Tim to come back to every show? I feel that our entire set was made infinitely better because of his observations and advice. I learned more in that hour about how to perform for an audience than I have anywhere else."

--Kyle Nelson, "Tonal Hum," BYU

Mister Tim is one of the most innovative and multi-experienced a cappella performers in the world.

He has created and performed with more than a dozen award-winning a cappella groups, including a Harmony Sweepstakes International Champion, an ICCA semi-finalist, a headline act on the Las Vegas Strip, and an internet viral video star.

Mister Tim is a talented and inspiring teacher, grounded in a solid choral tradition and experienced in modern a cappella as a professional performer and artistic director. He is consistently recognized as one of the most innovative and original creative minds in a cappella. He has performed and instructed at almost every major a cappella festival and at arts festivals, schools, major concert venues, and corporate events.

"He was FANTASTIC. His music is original and brilliant and he has a natural presence on stage that draws the audience's attention to him."

--Alec Judd, BYU

What Mister Tim can offer you:

-coach or clinician for one or many groups on your campus

-guest performer and/or MC for single- or multi-group concert

-special guest for campus events, fundraising concerts, community outreach, and more.

"Mister Tim had the strongest impact of any clinician we’ve had!!!"

-Lois Peterson, Choir Director, Lakewood HS, Lakewood, CO

"Your performance was unworldly, and your insightful instruction to our group was amazingly helpful."

-Ricky Parkinson, Music Director, UofU "Infrared"

"At practice the other night we were each sharing the things that we had learned [at SoJam]. One of the girls that attended your 'Be Better Now' class said that class was absolutely life-changing for her, and she was so grateful for all she learned. I felt the same about the marketing class you taught."

--Joshua Hall, Advisor, SVU "Fading Point"

"Mister Tim was hilarious, fun and a spectacular artist. It was amazing to watch him work, and his sense of comedic timing was impeccable. As an audience it was fun just to watch, and then to be involved in his performance." Corwyn, BYU