Quotes and Reviews

What People are Saying about Mister Tim:

"Freaking Amazing! When are you coming back?"

-Pikes Peak Brewing Company, Monument, CO

“You've been a highlight of our event two years in a row. The kids can't stop talking about you.”

-Governor's Honors Academy, Cedar City, UT

“Mister Tim is taking beat boxing and a cappella performance to the next technological level. It’s just amazing what he can do in a live performance! Every sound, instrument, note and word comes from his voice.”

-Starfest (Denver, CO SciFi/Fantasy Convention)

"Mister Tim had the whole audience in stitches. He’s a talented singer, but he really wowed us with all the things he can do with his voice and his pedals and all this other technology. It was unforgettable."

-Brody McDonald, Director of Choirs, Kettering Fairmont High School, Kettering, OH

"[Mister Tim's] vocal instrumentation and comic interludes have gained a nationwide following."

--Kettering-Oakwood Times

"Mister Tim possesses a rare combination of uncanny talent, first-class entertainment value, and professionalism. He added a much needed touch of class to my event. Mister Tim's unique talents appeal to everyone, regardless of age or musical taste."

-Stephen Ross, Choir Director Skyline High School, Longmont, CO

“[Mister Tim] sings in over a dozen different musical groups, but it is in his solo ‘live-looping’ show that he gets to show off the breadth and depth of his writing and performing skill.”


"He was FANTASTIC. His music is original and brilliant and he has a natural presence on stage that draws the audience's attention to him." -Alec, fan, Provo, UT

“Mister Tim brings a fresh approach to the single-man-band world with his new record The Funky Introvert. Overdubbing, looping, beatboxing, and was that a bit of comedy? His music is not hard to remember because there simply isn’t anything else like it in Denver. He backs up his own lead vocals. He solos over his own rhythms. The songs almost have the feel of some crazy, off the wall type of spoken word, begging to be paid closer attention, hinting that you may have missed some hidden meaning or symbolism. Definitely worth checking out.”

-Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

“Today’s response has been overwhelming… people love you!”

-Lisa, Logan Garden Market, Logan, UT

"Mister Tim was the surprise act at FoCoMX. He...ended up being the most talked about performer at the festival. His music is hilarious and well done."

-Greta Cornett, Music Director, Fort Collins Music Experiment

“Highly recommended. Tim’s work is intriguing, inspiring, and fascinating, in all the best ways.”

-Dave Brown, host, Mouth Off A Cappella Podcast

“Having just seen Mister Tim work his Magic… well, suffice to say, if you don’t want to be floored, amazed, impressed, and inspired, then stay away.”

-Chad Bergeron, host, The Acapodcast

Opening for and performing with Imogen Heap June 2010

“Absolutely loved your performance tonight at the Imogen Heap concert… you were my favorite of the three opening acts. Glad to have found you, I’m a new fan.” -Michele

“You were amazing man! I agree with Michele, you were the best opener!” -Anám

“You were awesome at Immi’s concert!!! You guys did fantastic on Earth!” -Karli Sue

“I saw you last night with Imogen Heap and you blew me away!” -Dani

“Ah, that was SO freaking awesome!!! One of the best concerts I have been to in a long time, man. Brava!” –Kelsey Dawn

“You were awesome last night The Rail Event Center with Imogen Heap” -Sid

“You were amazing last night at the Imogen Heap concert!!” -Genevieve

“Your set the other night with Imogen Heap was unreal! So awesome, dood!” -Kyle

“Hey! i loved your cupcake song and hurrican on Imogen heaps concert, you are music genuis!” -Krystal

Review of Mister Tim performance June 16, 2010, from Marisa Debowsky and Amy Malkoff of The Contemporary A Cappella Society

(original review here: http://www.casa.org/node/7809)

Marisa: Very theatrical, in an understated way; SUPER smooth transitions

Amy: Yeah, it’s very clear almost immediately that he is not improv-ing here, at least not for the most part. These are compositions, charted and tight, that he performs this way (or close to it) each time.

Marisa: He shows incredible range: he does a pop song (“Billy Jean”), dirty bass (“I’ve seen zombies in the street…”), buzzed bass and more macabre lyrics (with Indian-sounding B section?), bouncy-but-creepy disco with whisper (“cupcakes can kill you if they’re made of death / fear the cupcakes, the cupcakes are coming…”), story-song (“make my cornflakes taste like sadness…”), and back to pop mashup (“Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This”)

Amy: I wrote the word “macabre” too. I suspect Tim will take that as the compliment it’s meant to be! I think Tim is one of the best lyricists in the a cappella world today. He’s definitely taking chances. I can’t wait to see how he progresses as a solo act.

Marisa: Overall, uber-impressive as an act – polished, and dark, and fun