Many of Mister Tim's most important musical influences were comedic: Spike Jones, "Weird" Al Yankovic, The Smothers Brothers, Allan Sherman, Tom Lehrer, The Bobs. These artists are excellent musicians who use their music to craft musical punchlines. Mister Tim discovered very early on that his imposing and serious-seeming disposition and legitimate musical skill meant that he could score big laughs by mining the incongruity of his innate wackiness and love of absurdity. He spent years performing, recording, and touring with comedic a cappella acts, performing in theater productions and improvisational comedy, and recording his own solo comedy material, even as he was performing and writing "serious" music. Much of the material he currently writes and performs has a satirical, humorous, and/or quirky edge, though it can be subtle and is often dark. Add this history to the reality that Mister Tim loves improvisation and spontaneity, and that he does not take himself terribly seriously, and comedy is bound to emerge in some fashion any time he performs.

Please enjoy some selections of Mister Tim comedy and comedic projects he has been involved in!

Mister Tim: Smiley Laughy Happy Facey

2013 Mister Tim album of original comedy songs and parodies. Featuring members of Plumbers of Rome and moosebutter.


Award-winning comedy a cappella quartet famous for their smash viral hit "Star Wars: John Williams is the Man." 

Co-created by Mister Tim in 1999. Recorded, performed, toured regularly through ~2013. 

moosebutter: see dee (2003)

moosebutter: udder won (2006)

Plumbers of Rome

Comedic deconstructionist a cappella trio active 2007-2015. Winners of the 2010 Harmony Sweepstakes international a cappella competition.

Mister Tim: professional Kazoo player

yes, this actually happened.

Mister Tim had a smash viral video, "Enter Kazooman," a kazoo rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman", in 2008. What followed was a surreal few years of professional kazoo playing: sponsorship from Kazoobie Kazoos, content creation for e-card pioneers JibJab, a line of videos for a company called "Life is Crap."